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Johnny Depp stamp 2 by Strange-little-catJack Sparrow Stamp by RogueLottie
Davy Jones animated by Cathines-StampsJack 02 - Stamp by JayneLionsJack 03 - Stamp by JayneLions
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Jessica Bloomix Card+Upgrade vers by KaoriMirai
Jessica Bloomix Card+Upgrade vers
Всем недругам и ненавистникам мой пламенный привет. Каориь не прошел в аск, но и черт с ним.И судя по всему это хорошо. Если учесть, какой бардак там твориться и из него бегут все нормальные артеры. Осталось лишь парочку. Но я не об этом. Каорь вам,что-то принес.

Я это сделала. Наконец! Я декабря я мучаю этот Блумкс. В неделю по чайной ложке. Это ужасно. Не один арт я так долго не рисовала и не один дизайн не менялся столько раз. 6! 6 версий было и не одна не получалась,так,как я хотела. Вы видели одну из них. Самую старую. Но наконец я закончила. Надеюсь с остадьными такой задержки не будет.
И да,я мастер фона. Больше блесток!!!
All of the enemies and haters my heartfelt greetings. Kaoru did not pass in the ASA, but the hell with nim.I apparently is a good thing. Considering what a mess going on there, and from it run all the normal artery. You're only a couple. But I do not know. Kaoru you something brought.

I did it. Finally! I December, I torment this Bloomix. In the week of a teaspoon. It's horrible. Not one art I so long to draw and one design has not been changed many times. 6! 6 Version  was not one did not turn out as well as I wanted. You've seen one of them. The oldest. But finally I finished. Hopefully with ostadnymi this delay will not.
 And yes, I am a master background. More sequins !!!

Old version
Diaspro Ask - 1 answer by KaoriMirai
Diaspro Ask - 1 answer
Мне лень переводить,на англ. что там написано) Не думала,что мое возвращение в ВФ будет столь бурным, вы видели,что твориться в комментах? Ахах. Меня уже цитируют.Каорь, обязан продолжать, на зло врагам,которые ищут маники, которых нет.Люди идиоты!
Diaspro Ask by KaoriMirai
Diaspro Ask

А вы помните с чего я начинала?Олдфаги еще есть?Ай пофиг,а начинала я с Леди Ди,Химеры и прочих второстепенных персонажей.Мне нравилось рисовать именно их а не главных Винкс.И вот,Каорь,вместо того,чтобы рисовать новые превращения своим ОС,дорабатывать новую ОС для EAH,лезет в Аск Винкс.Действительно,нафига работать. Короче,никто не ожидал,но в аске я попытаюсь стать новой отвечающей за Диаспро.

Do you remember where I started? Oldfag still there? Ah do not care, and I started with Lady Di, Chimera and other minor character.I liked to draw them and not just the main Winx.I here, Kaori, rather than draw new transformation of the my OC's, modifying a new OC for EAH, climbs into the Ask Winx.In short, no one expected, but Ask I will try to become the new responsible for Diaspro.

Caption for not Russian:
-Pleb. Her Highness has only a few minutes to answer your questions, so do not waste your time and do not bother her otherwise, a head from his shoulders.
Thoughts Diaspro: And when I had left in peace?

Throne clipart by
WIP by KaoriMirai
Да,да!Я еще жива! И вот новая випка,чтоб вы не думали,что я сижу без дела.По факту,я пол года пытаюсь закончить коллекцию Блумиксов.Параллельно учу пропорции,покрас и вообще много чего.Я по моему за всю жизнь не просмотрела столько туториалов,как за эти пол года.
В общем,может у кого-то есть желание угадать что это?
Yes, yes, I'm still alive! And now a new WIP, lest you think that I sit idle. In fact, I have half a year trying to finish a collection Bloomix. I am teach of Winx roportion , paint and do a lot of things. I have in my whole life seen this many tutorials as over the half year.
In general, can you someone have a desire to guess what it is?
Я вернулась! Эй, ребята! Помните меня? А я еще жива и фэндом не покинула и кажется фиг я от него отвяжусь. Пока не рисую, ибо пока нет физической возможности, так как достаточно тяжелый период в жизни. Да, я переехала в Россию, живу в Москве и все такое. По этому, как только смогу, то возобновлю творчество.
Что касается администрирования клубов и групп, не беспокойтесь я о них не забыла, закрывать не собираюсь и постараюсь по возможности быть в них активным админом.
Всех люблю и помню, не смотря на то, что многие из вас думают что я ушла. А фиг вам. Я все еще здесь и некоторые меня даже могут в конфешене ВК заметить чего-то комментирующую. Что там происходит, я не много в курсе, а что здесь твориться я не представляю))) Но будем разбираться походу! Короче Каорь вернулся на вашу голову!!!


Name: Юличка,Julia
Nickname: Kaori Mirai
Country: Moldova
Nationality: Russian
Drawing style: Disney, Winx, Monster High, Angels Friends
My Winx OC's: Kaori, Jessica, Nola, Alex, Eric, Logan, Elen, Sidius, Kira, Francesca, Drake, Essi, Ella, Snowy, Sammy, Lizzie, Barry, Kitty, Asly, Spot
My MH OC's: Medea De Olimp, Gage Gargoyle

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R: Stella Stamp by kaorinyaplzStella Sirenix stamp by Pixelated--CoffeeStella Stamp 2 by Iloveyoukisshu
Stella Stamp by IloveyoukisshuStella Stamp 3 by IloveyoukisshuWinx Club - Stamp 07 by Bombii-Z
Winx Club - Stamp 09 by Bombii-ZStella and brandon fan Stamp1 by kaorinyaplzStella and brandon fan Stamp2 by kaorinyaplz
Diaspro Stamp by kaorinyaplzDiaspro Fan Stamp 3 by kaorinyaplzDiaspro Fan Stamp 2 by kaorinyaplz
Diaspro Fan Stamp by kaorinyaplzStamp: I hate Bloom by kaorinyaplzStamp:WL Winx, but WH Bloom by kaorinyaplz
MH - Clawdeen Wolf by EllisStampcollectionMH - Cleo de Nile by EllisStampcollectionMH - Abbey Bominable by EllisStampcollection
MH - Frankie Stein by EllisStampcollectionMH - Operetta by EllisStampcollectionMH - Nefera de Nile by EllisStampcollection
Clawdeen Fan Stamp by kaorinyaplzCleo Fan Stamp by kaorinyaplzAbbey Fan Stamp by kaorinyaplz
Frankie Fan Stamp by kaorinyaplzCleo and Deuse by kaorinyaplzFrankie and Clawdeen by kaorinyaplz
Cleo and Deuse 2 by kaorinyaplzClawdeen and Draculaura by kaorinyaplzClawdeen Stamp by kaorinyaplz
Brony- stamp by BlizzyKaiMy Little Pony FiM Virus Stamp by Toxic-MarioFriendship is Magic Love Stamp by smileystamps
:thumb213852225:MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokittyFriendship IS Magic by Mistralla
Rarity Stamp by jewlechoMLP: Rarity stamp by JanbearpigMLP: Rarity stamp by DivineSpiritual
Rarity Filly Stamp by jewlechoPrincess Platinum Stamp by jewlechoMLP: Rarity Stamp by BabysMother
Smart Cookie Stamp by jewlechoApplejack Stamp by jewlechoMLP: Apple Jack stamp by DivineSpiritual
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Princess Cadance Stamp by jewlecho:thumb307274955:Shining Armor Stamp by jewlecho
Shining Armor and Princess Cadance by GeminiGirl83CadanceArmor - Stamp by A-Ponies-LoveTogether Stamp by SunnStamp
Ever After High Stamp by kaorinyaplzRebels Fan by kaorinyaplzRoyals Fan by kaorinyaplz
Ashlynn Ella by kaorinyaplzBriar Beauty by kaorinyaplzRaven Queen by kaorinyaplz
Kitty Cheshire by kaorinyaplzCerise Hood by kaorinyaplzCerise Hood Stamp5 by Aletheiia90
Cerise Hood Stamp 7 by Aletheiia90Cerise Hood Stamp 1 by Aletheiia90Cerise Hood Stamp6 by Aletheiia90
Huntik_Dante Vale Stamp by ReiAndSanzoHuntik_Zhalia Moon Stamp by ReiAndSanzoHuntik_Sophie Casterwill Stamp by ReiAndSanzo
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Sailor Moon animated stamp 001 by hanaktSailor Chibi Moon Stamp by Dinosaur-RyuzakoSailor Moon Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako
Tuxedo Mask Stamp by Dinosaur-RyuzakoSailor Mars Stamp by Dinosaur-RyuzakoSailor Venus Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako
Sailor Saturn Stamp by Dinosaur-RyuzakoSailor Pluto Stamp by Dinosaur-RyuzakoSailor Neptune Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako
Neo Sailor Moon Stamp 1 by coffeefanatic3462Sailor Moon animated stamp 002 by hanaktSailor Mars Stamp 1 by aoi-ryu
Sailor Neptune Stamp by aoi-ryuSAILOR MOON ABRIDGED STAMP 8D by SweetTails247Sailor Venus Stamp 1 by aoi-ryu
Sailor Venus transformation by Strange-little-catSailor Saturn Stamp 1 by aoi-ryuSailor Moon Fan Stamp by Goldie25
Saturn Stamp by elilaSailor Moon animated stamp 010 by hanaktLuna X Artemis Stamp by PuffyAmiYumiFan1215
Sailor Star Fighter transform. by Strange-little-catSailor Moon animated stamp 005 by hanaktSailor Venus Stamp by Maiden-Hebi
Usagi X Mamoru Stamp by PuffyAmiYumiFan1215SM A. Stamp - SM 4th Transform by hanaktStamp Yaten Fan by kuroitenshi13
Sailor Venus by jureiSailor Starlights Stamp by SongficcerSailor Pluto Stamp by Master-Aqua
SM A. Stamp - TMask Transform by hanaktStamp: Usagi x Mamoru 2 by AJAngeliqueSailor Mars Stamp by Master-Aqua
SM A. Stamp - SSM Transfor by hanaktSM A. Stamp - SSH Transfor by hanaktSM A. Stamp - SSF Transfor by hanakt
Sailor Venus Stamp by Master-AquaSailor Venus Fan Stamp by WeepingBladesSailor Venus stamp by beccerberry
Shaman king logo Stamp by 1FoxyladyWhat did you say? by 1FoxyladySK Anna Stamp by 1Foxylady
Shaman King stamp :D by uplawAnna x Yoh Stamp by GezusfreekYoh and Anna stamp by 1Foxylady
Hao - Stamp by rurimonHao Fan Stamp1 by kaorinyaplzHao Fan Stamp2 by kaorinyaplz
Hao Fan Stamp5 by kaorinyaplzHao Fan Stamp6 by kaorinyaplzHao Fan Stamp7 by kaorinyaplz
Hao Fan Stamp3 by kaorinyaplzHao Fan Stamp4 by kaorinyaplzI support Hao by YumiOshima
Hao shiny stamp by the-sorcressAsakuracest stamp by the-sorcressHao stamp by 1Foxylady
Hao Stamp by Ibu-ki.::Hao stamp::. by LeChiooShaman King stamp 1 - Yoh X Anna by Csodaaut
Ren Tao stamp by ChikaBoo94Faust and Eliza-stamp by IcerielChocolove Stamp by DeadlyTigerwolfClaw
Avatar Girls Stamp by GNDTheMusicRemixI love Yue Stamp by GNDTheMusicRemixI love Maiko stamp by GNDTheMusicRemix
I love Suki stamp by GNDTheMusicRemixzuko stamp. by akizumi:thumb92864509:
Azula stamp by Numbuh9Azula stamp by Golden-FluteUrsa Fire Nation Stamp by Golden-Flute
Zuko stamp by Golden-FluteStamp - Zuko by NyfalineIroh's Stamp by 3VAD127
:thumb122637520:The Headband Stamp by KeikoGirl21588ATLA Firebend stamp by Mondlil-chan
Iroh Stamp by SkyeStampsATLA - Faces by dream0writer7It's back... by Golden-Flute


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395 / 1,000
Sorry but Commission and requests closed!

I'd be really happy to get some points. I'll use them to support my friends and other talented artists.

So, donate please if you feel like doing it

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Lion King by Jenya88Simba and Nala Stamp by RogueLottieLovely Bunch of Coconuts by skinnyveestamp
Scar Face Stamp by DJ88Scar Stamp by RogueLottieThe Lion King - Scar Stamp by Colonel-Chicken
Sensational Scar by azianwolfdollDisney Stamp - TLK 014 by hanaktScarJustCan'tWait by Simbamarasa
Disney Stamp - TLK II 002 by hanaktDisney Stamp - TLK II 003 by hanaktDisney Lion King Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Simba, Timon + Pumba Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Simba + Nala PLEASE Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney TLK Nala Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Stamp - TLK 005 by hanaktDisney Stamp - TLK 007 by hanaktDisney Stamp - TLK 002 by hanakt
Disney Belle + Beast Stamp by TwilightProwlerBeauty and the Beast - stamp by YaraffinityDisney Beauty and the Beast Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Beast Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Cogsworth + Lumiere Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Beast + Belle Outside Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Grumpy Beast Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Belle Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Belle + Dandelion Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Belle + Beast Entrance Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Belle + Beast Dance Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Belle + Beast Ballroom Stamp by TwilightProwler
A Whole New World - stamp by AshPnXDisney Princess Jasmine Stamp by AleXielBrandoGenie Eden Djinnification by Sunrise-oasis
Aladdin 2 by princess-femi-stampsAladdin by StirFryKittyDisney Stamp - Aladdin 008 by hanakt
Disney Stamp - Aladdin 014 by hanaktDisney Stamp - Aladdin 002 by hanaktDisney Aladdin + Jasmine Kiss Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Jasmine + Rajah Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Jasmine Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Mozenrath Ouch Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Stamp - Aladdin 003 by hanaktDisney Stamp - Aladdin 005 by hanaktDisney Stamp - Aladdin 009 by hanakt
Disney Aladdin + Jasmine Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Aladdin + Jasmine Hug Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Aladdin + Jasmine Twirl Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Prince Ali Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Genie Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Jafar + Laugh Stamp by TwilightProwler
Hades Stamp by acid-drinkerDisney Stamp - Hercules 004 by hanaktDisney Stamp - Hercules 002 by hanakt
Disney Stamp - Hercules 014 by hanaktDisney Stamp - Hercules 012 by hanaktHades stamp by Daytha
Disney Herc + Meg Kiss Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Hercules + Meg Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Meg + Hercules Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Hades Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Hades + Laugh Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Hades + Cigar Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Baby Hercules + Lightning Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Baby Hercules + Pain + Panic Stamp by TwilightProwlerDISNEY-Hercules-Muses-Stamp by TwilightProwler
Wish I Could Be by azianwolfdollKiss the Girl - stamp by AshPnXThe Little Mermaid 2 by princess-femi-stamps
Disney Stamp - TLM 012 by hanaktDisney Stamp - TLM 006 by hanaktDisney Stamp - TLM 004 by hanakt
Disney Stamp - TLM 001 by hanaktDisney Ariel + Eric Kiss Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Shy Ariel Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Ariel + Eric Wedding Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Ariel + Hair Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Ariel + Eric Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Ariel + Flounder + Surface Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Aurora + Philip Dance Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Maleficent Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Aurora + Philip Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Sleeping Beauty Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Sleeping Beauty Fauna's Cake Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Princess Aurora Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Stamp - SB 003 by hanaktDisney Stamp - SB 001 by hanakt
Disney Stamp - Mulan 005 by hanaktDisney Stamp - Mulan 006 by hanaktDisney Stamp - Mulan 004 by hanakt
Disney Stamp - Mulan II 007 by hanaktMUSHU_fan_stamp by Selene-Moonmushu stamp 3 by okamiblanco
mushu stamp 2 by okamiblancomushu stamp 1 by okamiblancoDisney Mulan + Hair Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Mulan + Food Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Mulan Avalanche Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Stamp - Cinderella 001 by hanakt
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Disney Pongo Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Patch Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Stamp - 101 Dalmat 001 by hanakt
Disney Stamp - 101 Dalmat 005 by hanakt101 Dalmatians Puppies Stamp by WildSpiritWolfDisney 101 Dalmations by TwilightProwler
Disney 101 Escaping Puppies Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney The Lady + The Tramp by TwilightProwlerDisney Sleepy Lady + Tramp Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Lady And The Tramp - Lady Stamp by WildSpiritWolfDisney Lady And The Tramp - Tramp Stamp by WildSpiritWolfAnastasia Stamp 03 by hanakt
Anastasia Stamp 09 by hanaktAnastasia Stamp 07 by hanaktAnastasia Animated Stamp 01 by hanakt
weil ich ihn lieb hab by BauscheborzelDisney's Robin Hood Stamp by Allendra3Robin Hood Stamp by Fayolka
Princess and the Frog Stamp 1 by squishy-pawsPrincess and the Frog STAMP 02 by KittMouriPrincess and the Frog Stamp by SkyeStamps
Disney Marie, Berlioz + Toulouse Stuck Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney The Aristocats Duchess Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Marie, Berlioz + Toulouse Nose Wiggle Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Marie, Berlioz + Toulouse Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney O'Malley + Duchess Eyes Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney O'Malley + Duchess Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Basil + Dr Dawson Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Basil + Olivia Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Basil + Dawson + Olivia Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Elvis Stitch Stamp by TwilightProwlerDeviously Pleased Stitch Stamp by TwilightProwlerSad Stitch Stamp by TwilightProwler
Stitch stamp by tessary.:Bla Bla Stitch:. by OxAmyStitch Fan by i-stamp
Stitch+Angel stamp by stitchfriend1624 Angel stamp by OxAmyAngel Support by ExperimentAngel
Disney Stitch + Headtilt Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Stitch + Window Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Stitch + Sand Castle Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Dramatic Stitch Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Stitch + Ears Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Stitch + Waking Up Stamp by TwilightProwler
Tale Spin Stamp by JessicaCasciotta88Emperor's New Rhythm by x-Thestral-xI loved Llamas Stamp by xSkyeCrystalx
Disney Kuzco Groove Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Kuzco Stamp by TwilightProwlerSexy Emperor Stamp 2 by Rookie-101
Yzma Kitty stamp by Sadie-shouta-loverDisney Yzma + Headache Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Yzma + Kronk Highfive Stamp by TwilightProwler
Darkwing Duck Stamp by Vega-ThreeDarkwing Duck Stamp by kaorinyaplzDarkwing Duck Stamp by kaorinyaplz
Morgana, Negaduck and Darkwing Duck by kaorinyaplzMorgana and Darkwing Duck by kaorinyaplzMorgana Stamp2 by kaorinyaplz
The Fearsome Five by kaorinyaplzNegaDuck Stamp by kaorinyaplzNegaDuck Stamp2 by kaorinyaplz
Support Your Local Dork by LadyAriaaSexy Science by LadyAriaa:thumb160549839:
Duck Tales Stamp2 by kaorinyaplzDuck Tales Stamp1 by kaorinyaplzScrooge McDuck Stamp by kaorinyaplz
Quack Pack Stamp3 by kaorinyaplzQuack Pack Stamp1 by kaorinyaplzQuack Pack Stamp2 by kaorinyaplz

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